Out of the hat – magic VelectriX

“We don’t ever want to see a bike come back into the shop for the wrong reasons.”

You’ll hear that frequently at Velo. It’s the reason why we’ve always struggled to sell an e-Bike for less than the $2000 mark.  There’s plenty of cheap e-Bikes out there, but all the ones we’ve seen have quality, supply or safety issues and so we won’t stock them.  However, Australia’s VelectriX have pulled a magic trick – a well-built bike with quality componentry for under $2,000.  In fact, we now stock two different models at that price point.

Their new Urban 2.0 uses the same frame as their popular Urban pedalec, but swaps out a few components, swaps in a few others and gives you a great solution for, unsurprisingly, the urban environment.  If you need inexpensive transport for your ride to work, or for bike paths or even some rail trails, the Urban 2.0 could be the bike for you.

VelectriX Urban 2.0

VelectriX Urban 2.0 Unisex

Finished in black, perfect for Melbourne, you get a discrete mid-mounted 10aH battery with quality Panasonic cells.  We agree with their suggestion that this should give you 40-60km range under normal usage.  You get 4 levels of assist which kick in when you pedal – the top mode will get you up all but the steepest hills.  Coming back down again, you have Shimano disc brakes to stop you.  7 speed Shimano geared for easy pedalling means you won’t get a sweat up whilst you’re riding.  Finally, there’s front and rear lights, and puncture resistant tyres with reflecto strips.  The step-thru model also features guards and a rear rack, as well as adjustable handlebar height. The unisex step-thru version has been a winner Australia-wide, and the supplier has rapidly depleted their entire stock and have ordered another container, due in a few weeks.  Currently, we still have both variants on the floor.

Everything you need for only $1495!

The other two VelectriX bikes which have been very popular for us are the original Urban, which has lockout suspension forks, guards and powered front and rear lights and the Foldaway, their electric folding bike available in an 8.8aH model at $1799 and a 10.4aH model at $1999, for a little further range.

Drop through to Velo Electric & Folding 7 days a week for a test-ride.

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