Your New Small Car That Isn’t A Car: Introducing the Tern GSD Electric Cargo Bike

Grocery runs, school pick-ups, day trips – you name it – The Tern GSD electric cargo bike is the small car replacement for urban commuters. The compact electric cargo bike lets you carry 3 extra passengers (and a week’s worth of groceries) through city sprawl and beyond. 

“We’re planning to sell our second car” 

Keep reading to find out about a family’s experience with the Tern GSD.



It replaces a second (or first) car. 

Cut down on fuel and registration costs and enjoy the fresh air. The Tern GSD does everything you need a small car to do, with the bonus of lower costs and reduced carbon emissions. 

It’s smaller than other electric cargo bikes but carries a mighty load. 

The 20-inch wheels are smaller than other electric bikes. The low-set frame makes for a steady ride no matter how heavy the load. 

man riding tern gsd with boxes as cargo


Compatible with a wide variety of cargo options.

Carry 2 small children and an extra adult. Cart groceries and equipment for a day trip. The Tern GSD fits 2 Thule® Yepp Maxi seats, a Yepp Nexxt Maxi seat, or a Bobike® GO Maxi seat. Build your load with Cargo Hold Panniers and Shortbed and Transporteur Racks. The addition of rack lash points means that cargo accessories attach solidly.

mum riding the tern gsd with her children


Suits a variety of riders.

Adjusting the seat and handlebars is as easy as a click. The Tern GSD is designed to accommodate riders between 150-195cm, and takes less than 10 seconds to adjust. 

tern gsd is designed to suite 150-195cm in height


Easy to store.

Folding handlebars allow for storage in tight spaces, plus the bike can stand on its rear wheel. Fits easily in the car, elevator and hallway. 

storing the tern gsd at the back of the car


Powered by 400wh Bosch battery and Active Line Plus motor. 

Reach up to 110km battery range with the option to add an additional Bosch battery. 

tern gsd 400wh Bosch battery and Active Line Plus motor


Safe for the whole family.

Your precious cargo will be carted safely, every time. The Tern GSD is equipped with headlights and tail-lights with reflective decals, Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes and a kickstand that tucks under the frame.


We recently chatted to our lovely customer Patrick about his family’s experience with the Tern GSD. Patrick and his partner purchased their Tern GSD 2 months ago, with the goal to improve family commuting and activities with their 2 young children aged 1 and 6. 

Size matters. Patrick and his partner spent about 3 months testing out different electric cargo bikes. Their main concern was size: they needed a bike that wouldn’t take up too much space in their home. With its compact size and retractable handlebars, the Tern GSD ticked that box. 

Reaping the benefits. Since buying the Tern GSD, Patrick and his family are enjoying more outdoor activities together. Living in an inner-north Melbourne suburb, Patrick told us that “finally, we’re getting out and exploring all that our area has to offer”. 

Patrick’s kids say that they like riding on the Tern GSD better than travelling in the car, and that he and his partner are “planning to sell our second car”.


Before writing this review, I took the Tern GSD for a spin. Seeing that it was my first time riding an electric cargo bike, it was a little daunting. But as soon as I started pedaling it felt easier than a road bike. Stability and comfortability were the first things that I noticed. The handlebars have awesome grip and the lower frame means that you sit up high and straight. It took only a moment to get used to adjusting the motor speed on the Purion display on the left, and the 8 different gears on the right. I wasn’t carrying extra weight, but straight away I felt that I’d be confident with a heavy load and extra passengers. 

The only difficulty was the weight of it – at 27kg (without added cargo), wheeling around corners and carrying up steps took some getting used to. But when you consider the practicality and versatility, it’s a small price to pay.  

riding the tern gsd electric cargo bike


Velo Electric offers FREE instructed test rides at our Carlton North store, making the first ride less daunting. Visit https://veloelectric.com.au/try-in-store/ to fill out the request form, or contact us now on: +61 3 8488 8929.


  • Bosch® Active Line Plus motor with Purion display
  • 400 W battery for a range of up to 110 km
  • Custom Suntour suspension fork
  • Shimano® Nexus 8 internal-gear hub
  • Magura® MT4 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Gates Carbon Drive® CDX belt
  • Abus® keyed-alike frame lock
  • Fits one Thule® Yepp Maxi, Yepp Nexxt Maxi, or Bobike® GO Maxi child seat—no adapters needed


$6995 – Online at https://veloelectric.com.au/ or in-store: 753 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054, Australia. We’re open Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm and Sat 10am-4pm. 

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!We’d love to hear from you and your family about why you might be interested in the Tern GSD, or if you’re already using one, what you like best. Come in and chat, or shoot us an email at: info@veloelectric.com.au

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